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Norman, hedge layer, wattle fence maker, 69 years old.


Larry Burrows

Larry Burrows was born in London in 1926. He died in 1971 with fellow photojournalists Henri Huet, Kent Potter and Keisaburo Shimamoto, when their helicopter was shot down over Laos.

One of his most famous collections, published first in LIFE Magazine on 16 April 1965, was entitled “One Ride with Yankee Papa 13”. It pictures, amongst other people, James Farley the skinny 21-year-old crew chief-door gunner on Yankee Papa 13, someone who should have been at home with a girlfriend or surfing a lovely beach, instead he was fighting a war started by people who did not go there themselves.

The incredible danger that Larry went through to get his photos are the sole reminder of what James Farley and the others went through that day. Below are a few of the photos he took.

Read the story here.


In the photo below Larry has obviously got out of his helicopter and gone with the crew to photograph the attempt  to save the pilot of the crashed helicopter all the while under fire from the VietCong.





And afterwards you can the the emotion that came out of James Farley after it was all over.