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A nice walk to work.

Taken on slide film 30 years or so ago and scanned, my walk to work from the tiny Green pastures Leprosy hospital compound to the small Western regional hospital in Pokhara, Nepal.

Nepal231 (1)


Shell tanker Haustrum after going to Viet-nam

A second photo showing the shell damage to SS Haustrum after being attacked while going up to Saigon, in all we were hit seven times and one man killed. From a scanned slide taken in 1967.

Haunstrum 1967


Parasol, Western Australia

DSCF4006 - Version 2

Temple flower seller in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Taken in 1985 whilst working in Nepal. Pentax 1000 on Kodachrome and recently scanned.

Nepal174 (1)