All the header photos are also by me.

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Machapuchare from Green Pastures Leprosy hospital

Taken in 1987 while working there, taken with a Pentax 1000 on Kodachrome and recently scanned.



To Dilli bazaar, Kathmandu

Taken while working there in 1987 with a Pentax 1000 and 50mm lens on Kodachrome. scanned.


The only railway in Nepal

Taken in 1987 while working in Nepal, Pentax 1000, 50mm, Kodachrome.

This is the only railway line in the country, it is on the Teri, the bit that joins with India.In this case I think it was carrying rocks for a dam project.

WMN-1-1-839-006 (1)-1


Kathmandu. Nepal

Taken by me while working there in 1987 with a Pentax 1000 and 50mm lens on Kodachrome, the Kopundole district of Kathmandu.


Ghana, traveling musicians.

Other peoples photos I like.

This photograph was taken by my Father some sixty years ago in Ghana, I guess he got the shutter speed wrong but I think it makes it a better photo, or may be a different photo. Taken on Kodachrome film with a Zeiss Ikon camera.

WMN-1-1-839-015 (1)

The Himalayas behind Pokhara,Nepal

Taken in thirty one years ago on Kodachrome with a Pentax 100 and recently scanned.


The wedding

Leica M6, 35mm f2 Summicron on Ilford FP4.