All the header photos are also by me.

All at sea

Shell tanker Haustrum, pilot boarding

The pilot boards the Shell tanker Haustrum. Yashica minister D on Ektachrome fifty years ago by me and recently scanned.


The Shell tanker Voluta approaching Table mountain off Cape Town, fifty odd years ago with a Yashica minister D on Kodachrome and recently scanned.

Voluta approaching Table Mountain, Cape town-1



Transat sailing boats

transat, boats foncia, akina1516108 21.57.36

Shell tanker Haustrum after going to Viet-nam

A second photo showing the shell damage to SS Haustrum after being attacked while going up to Saigon, in all we were hit seven times and one man killed. From a scanned slide taken in 1967.

Haunstrum 1967


No fishing today.

fishing boats

The great lakes

Taken about forty years ago with a Pentax 1000 on slide film and scanned. This was taken somewhere in the Great Lakes of North America, one of the canals. I was a navigating officer on the ship  Queensgarth, we were collecting maize for Rotterdam from Chicago, I think. It shows a ship called a laker that spent its days in the lakes. 

SS Vitta, North Atlantic

On the Shell tanker Vitta somewhere in the Atlantic, taken forty years ago and scanned.

Russian ship in the St Lawrence seaway

The St Lawrence, Canada in winter, after leaving Chicago and Detroit en route to Rotterdam.taken forty years ago and scanned.