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Terry Moule, ferret racer from Exmoor

Mr Terry Moule

Ferret racer of Exmoor



Him and her.

twoiPhone and hipstamatic.


Ice cream all round

PenultimateFullSizeRender 21.44.54

iPhone and hipstamatic

Shell tanker Haustrum, pilot boarding

The pilot boards the Shell tanker Haustrum. Yashica minister D on Ektachrome fifty years ago by me and recently scanned.


Haustrum viet nam

In Vietnam.



Voluta approaching Table Mountain, Cape town-1

The Shell tanker Voluta approaching Table mountain off Cape Town, fifty odd years ago with a Yashica minister D on Kodachrome and recently scanned.

Old train in Nepal.

Taken by me forty years ago with a Pentax 1000 on Ektachrome and recently scanned.

An old train in the Teri area of Nepal over towards Biratnigar. Looks a bit like a narrow gauge railway.



The Barbican jazz festival

Barbican jazz festival 16

DSC_1398 (1)

Machapuchare from Green Pastures Leprosy hospital

Taken in 1987 while working there, taken with a Pentax 1000 on Kodachrome and recently scanned.